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Parish Staff / Pastoral Support Teams / Parish History 

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Rev. Santos “Sunny” Castillo 


Rev. Mr. Alex Grozik

Rev. Mr. Tim Taylor

     Business Manager: Rev. Mr. Matt Novak
Administrative Assistants: Janet Aganad and Joanne DeZur
     Bulletin Editor: Michele Salinski

     Communications Coordinator / Website & Social Media Editor: Kathy Dummer
     Volunteer Receptionists: Franca Tamburello and Mary Ann Jaeger

      Director: Ms. Mary Glaudell
      Assistant: Ms. Heather Raffe

     Director: Ms. Gené
t Pinkerton

      Director: Mr. Ed Nowak

Pastoral  Support Teams

Parish Council
Dick Reed-Chairman
Beth Dunn-Secretary
Mark Bukovsky
Matthew Cogan
Dominic Crotty
Tim Delaney
Joe Nichelle
Asha Olasa
Michelle Pretlow
Joe Rumler
Ken Sutkus

Pat Vandenberg
Neil Vandenberg

Finance Council
Michael Funk-Chairman
Tim Delaney
Joseph Maniola
Deacon Matthew Novak
Rick Pierzchala
Joseph Weigel

Liturgy & Worship Commission
Ellen Walker
Tom Sable
Sheila Reiter
Ed Hayes
Rose Wilkes

Deacon Alex Grozik


Diocese of Joliet-in-Illinois established.

April 2, 1956

Father Thomas B. O'Keefe appointed founding pastor.

June 15, 1956

Public announcement by Bishop Martin D. McNamara that

Fr. O'Keefe is to be founding pastor of new parish.

June 24, 1956

First Parish Mass celebrated in Emerson School.

July 5, 1956

New Ladies Organization founded - forerunner of C.C.W.

August 22, 1956

Possession of Rectory taken.

December 9, 1956

Ground-Breaking for new church building.

April 21, 1957

Cornerstone Ceremony for church building.

September 22, 1957

Mary Queen of Heaven Church used for first time.

Fall, 1957

Mary Queen of Heaven School opens its doors.

May 25, 1958

Bishop Martin D. McNamara dedicates new church building.

June, 1964

Reverend Stanley Orlickiewicz appointed as second pastor.

June, 1970

Reverend Paul Benson becomes the third pastor.

June 24, 1977

Reverend Paul Benson dies.

September, 1977

Reverend Thomas Fleming becomes the fourth pastor.

January 1, 1985

Reverend Thomas O'Keefe now Rector of the cathedral dies.

June, 1989

Reverend Victor Rudden becomes the fifth pastor.

April 22, 1992

Stained glass windows project begins.

March 6, 1996

Reverend Victor Rudden dies.

June, 1996

Reverend John Barrett becomes the sixth pastor.

March 16, 2003

Bishop Joseph Imesch dedicates the new Parish Center.

March 28, 2004

Mary M. Foley appointed as Pastoral Life Coordinator,

the first in the Diocese of Joliet.

April 2, 2006

50th Anniversary of Mary Queen of Heaven Parish.

June, 2008

Reverend Anthony Taschetta appointed the seventh pastor.

June, 2014

Reverend Jason Stone appointed the eighth pastor.

July, 2020

Reverend Santos “Sunny” Castillo appointed the ninth pastor.

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Our Parish History

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